What is chamber music?

Chamber music is any music played by 2 or more people and generally less than 20. It is not bound by genre, however the term is most often used in classical, romantic and contemporary genres.

What is SEYA’s organization structure?

SEYA, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with a Board of Directors.

Where is SEYA located?

SEYA is located in Gainesville, GA and presents concerts and workshops throughout Hall County. The artists come from all over the United States.

Is it only classical?

SEYA presents a broad range of music styles. We also present jazz and popular music on our concerts.

Who are the SEYA artists?

SEYA artists are high-level professionals who span the musical, visual and artistic fields. They include soloists, leading orchestral members, chamber musicians and film producers.

Why Lake Lanier?

Nestled amidst Lake Lanier and the Blue Ridge Mountains, Hall County is the ideal place to host a music festival. Our mission of accessibility ties in with the need for local arts organizations in North Georgia.

Are the programs free?

We do offer some free events while some events are ticketed. We rely on donations and sponsorships as well as ticket sales for our programming and operational needs.

Where does SEYA perform?

SEYA performs in venues, churches, private homes and retirement communities. We also present workshops for students at schools, colleges, and community non-profits.